Hello, my name is Travelle Barksdale, this is my blog and I’m damn proud of it. This blog is about keeping my inner child alive, some may call it my inner nerd or inner hipster or even a desperate cry for help, but i can happily say its just me being displayed in a creative way. I believe everyone has an ability to either showcase their talents or show that makes them different. Everyone can be considered strange one way or  the other, it becomes just a matter of perception. I am a fan of comic books, humor, fantasy. video games, philosophy, pop culture and music, therefore this blog will consist of just that.  Not only does this blog gives me a chance to show what has influenced me over the years but it also displays my perception. I was raised by my grandparents , their friends, my Aunt and their eldest child, they were the village that raised me. I was blessed with the opportunity to learn and be exposed to various cultures, gain a thirst for knowledge and maintain a drive to be different. This blog gives me an outlet to all the thoughts, interests and emotions i remember to feel over the hours of a normal day. Hopefully in tiny ways, you can relate to this blog and understand my strange a bit better, and somehow have a firmer grasp on your own.

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