Go Home and Be a Family Man

This my true believers is a truly awesome interpretation of Guile’s theme song. The song is produced by underground producer Norrin Radd. In every traditional Street Fighter game, after the fighting match, there is a screen that reads the winning character’s quote. The title of song is derived from Guile’s original winning quote.

The Ken Song

Ok, so i found this song about 5 years ago. I stumbled upon different websites that had remixes to classic video game themes. I got the opportunity to download and explore different interpretations of songs of my childhood. I am a huge fan of Street Fighter, so this is just one of the versions i discovered of the classic Ken Theme. If you listen closely, the lyrics in the song describe the iconic character in great detail. Listen to the songs one at a time to really experience the transformation of the original song, its really quite amazing. I hope you enjoy this as much as i do

A Show Every DC Fan Needs To Be Watching

Following the tales of a younger Oliver Queen this portrayal of the DC Hero is action packed and will have you craving more of this modern day, realistic take on Green Arrow. Arrow has no hesitation in letting Oliver Queen enact his definition of justice upon the the filth that plagues the city he calls home, With Redemption as his soul motive, Queen fights night after night to return the city to the people, and punish the corrupt hands that have tainted Starling City for so long. Expect to see some of your favorite characters as well as nonstop action and twists and turns as this show continues, Any fan of Green Arrow, DC, or heroes will not only appreciate this show but find themselves hooked from episode one. -Jon

Little Dragon-Encore Sessions

Little Dragon is one of my favorite electronic soul bands out right now. Their recent song, “Sunshine” was produced in collaboration with Absolute Vodka. Although been around for over 5 years, the band gained a lot of buzz by doing work with heavy hitters in electro music such as the gorillaz, SBTRKT and even DJ Shadow in the recent years. There is a nice soothing sound to their music . The lead singer, Yukimi Nagano has a soulful but pop sounding voice. The songs that the band makes can be radio friendly yet still something that backpackers can deem a diamond in the rough.