Heroes in a Half Shell

Dave Rapoza did the art on  this wallpaper by of the day.I chose this in honor of the new pics of the live action TMNT movie coming August 12 2014.


New TMNT Pics and Possible Poster?

Here are a few new pics of what the heroes in a half shelf will look like in the upcoming movie this year. These pics feature April (which I’m sad to say doesn’t look too bad), the turtle van, The Shredder, and a possible movie poster. Let me know what you think? Do you think that they look too crazy and they strayed from the Turtles sewage roots or does Michael Bay and the gang look like they are putting their best foot forward?






Green Lantern Themed Outfits

For this outfit, I decided to change up the color scheme for the formal wear, I think in some cases, that if the same colors are used for both the casual and formal wear, it seems too “cartoony”, I want the person  to know for himself what the outfit is based off of and have some sort of feel of a secret identity while in the outfit. Now here’s the outfits, please let me know what you think, and any suggestions. In about a month, I would like to have villains weeks for the outfit. Please feel free to tell me who you would like to see.

Green Lantern Casual

Green Lantern Casual

Green Lantern Formal

Green Lantern Formal

Cyclops Themed Outfits

With these outfits I decided to use color schemes from two of cyclops’s most notable outfits from the comics. One would be from the famous colors of the 90’s television show, X-Men. The other would be from the 80s comic book outfit or from x-factor uniform . I wanted to give little nods to each character’s powers or personality. In this case, Cyclops’s Causal  I gave the outfit red framed glasses for his optic powers and red sunglasses for his formal. Please let me know what you guys think of the ensembles.

Cyclops 90s Casual

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 2.21.04 AM

Cyclops 80s Formal

Cyclops Formal


Deadpool Themed Outfit

I always loved the idea of themed outfits. I usually see these concepts mainly for women on Tumblr and they are incredible, but i never see any outfits constructed for men’s wear. I, the bigboyNERD, have come to fill that void. My first concept outfit is themed from The Merc with a Mouth. As you can see i have two outfits for one character, one formal and casual. PLEASE let me know what you think about them I put alot of effort into them, and any requests, let me know thanks!

Deadpool Casual

Deadpool Casual

Deadpool Formal

Deadpool Formal