Superfriends Rap

This is a post that i have been meaning to put up for quite sometime. This an amazing song from a collection of underground hip-hop artists that each rap in the persona of their favorite comic book character. It is a truly clever song, the all drop little hints of back story from the comic book characters origins and fictional biographies. Each individual artist is featured in this order:

Fresh Daily- SPIDER MAN
$trictly Busine$$ – WOLVERINE
6th Sense- THE THING
Homeboy Sandman- The SANDMAN
Von Pea- Plastic Man
8thW1- BEAST

The song is featured on the mixtape titled- Comic Books: Unlimited by artist-Print. He now goes under the alias of Chris Faust. I especially love his music not only because he is skillful in the art of Hip-Hop but he is very well versed in the comic book culture.

After hearing this track, I know you are going to need it so I’m including in the link below, thank me later.…

Playstation 4 Reveal

Playstation 4 Reveal

I have been waiting for this! i assume you have too. Today Sony announced that the PS4 will be upon us soon. Not too many details have been announced but that doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons to be excited! I posted a link to to give a quick rundown of the information gathered so far. If i were you, i would start saving now because this Fall, the PS4 will be at a retailer near you.

Ben Reilly

Been wanting to do this for awhile,
I have been thinking for years, “how cool would it be if someone had a sweater modeled after the Spiderman clone Ben Reilly?”I decided it would be Damn cool. My girlfriend was so kind to figure out a way to get it custom made for me. Those that are knowledgable about Spiderman will find this especially cool, those that are not will just see the inspiration.


XV – Everyday Life (prod. Awesome Sound)

Hello True Believers,
I’ve recently been very stressed, wondering which problems in my life i should tackle first. Between getting a new car, job and apartment, i have not only been lost but have felt very displaced about myself. Quite frankly, my fear has been trying to get the best of me lately. Luckily, one of my favorite artists-XV, linked a new song. It not only is uplifting, it reminded me that everyone experiences the same problems but in different venues. The key is to keep going and not let your fear take you over. And always keep in mind that all problems can not be solved in a day. So take one step at a time, with your head high.

Also P.S.- I’m not only sorry for not being around lately, but I’m sorry i haven’t elaborated on how truly awesome XV is, within the next couple of posts, i will do just that!

Download Link

Superman: Red Son Review

Superman: Red Son Review

My girlfriend and I just finally got the opportunity to read the three part mini series Superman: Red Son by Mark Millar, Dave Johnson and Kililian Plunkett. It was a superb take on the classic, iconic character. My girlfriend, Rachel, was kind enough to write a quick review, so enjoy it!

Hey! I’m Rachel, I’m just passing through to give you guys a quick review of DC Comic’s Elseworld story, Superman: Red Son.

We all know Superman is as American as apple pie and the Fourth of July, but what if he wasn’t? What if Kal El’s ship went into orbit a few hours later and he crash landed on one of the collective farms of communist Russia? Writer Mark Millar takes this concept and runs full speed with it. The story reshapes the World War II/Cold War history that was so instrumental in shaping Big Blue’s creation and history by giving the super-powered edge to the USSR. Superman is a loyal supporter of Josef Stalin and the communist ideals and would defend them to his last breath.

Millar’s use of familiar characters in unfamiliar roles is fresh and exciting. Of course you will see Lex Luthor (as the symbol of hope for the American people), Lois Lane (Luthor’s dedicated wife), Jimmy Olsen and Mrs. Kent. Most of the Justice League make appearances as well, notably Batman and Wonder Woman, though not in ways you might expect.

I would give Superman: Red Son a solid 9.5/10. There’s a few small questions unanswered at the end of it all which is why I can’t give it a perfect 10 but Millar pushed Superman to a limit, playing with a side of him we don’t get to see in continuity. It’s ideal if you want to get some Superman literature under your belt but you don’t want to pick up in the middle of a story arc and risk missing something.