Superfriends Rap

This is a post that i have been meaning to put up for quite sometime. This an amazing song from a collection of underground hip-hop artists that each rap in the persona of their favorite comic book character. It is a truly clever song, the all drop little hints of back story from the comic book characters origins and fictional biographies. Each individual artist is featured in this order:

Fresh Daily- SPIDER MAN
$trictly Busine$$ – WOLVERINE
6th Sense- THE THING
Homeboy Sandman- The SANDMAN
Von Pea- Plastic Man
8thW1- BEAST

The song is featured on the mixtape titled- Comic Books: Unlimited by artist-Print. He now goes under the alias of Chris Faust. I especially love his music not only because he is skillful in the art of Hip-Hop but he is very well versed in the comic book culture.

After hearing this track, I know you are going to need it so I’m including in the link below, thank me later.…

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