XV- Wichita (prod. Just Blaze)

This is the first track off the incredible mixtape ZERO HEROES from the incomparable musical artist XV. This mixtape should be an album i believe. The production is not only top notch, but its original and fresh. There are elements in the production that feature, songs from the 40s and even somehow a sample from the popular game Kingdom Hearts 2. XV’s lyrics are stellar and extremely clever. His main instrument of content is popular culture from the 90s and “nerd’ culture. If you think for a second that his lyricism is impaired by his subject matter, you are surely mistaken. XV can be considered sharper than you favorite artist in any music genre. Now keep in mind, this mixtape is approximately three years old, but it doesn’t dull its quality. Within the next few weeks i will upload some more of his work. So if you can, download this free mixtape on datpiff.com and don’t miss out.

MOCCA Fest 2013

MOCCA Fest 2013

I’m pretty late on this but its cool. Last, Last Sunday 04/07- I had the opportunity to go to Mocca Fest that was held in Manhattan NYC at the Museum of Cartoon and Comic Book Art . Mocca Fest is a independent comic book festival held by the Society of Illustrators. It is a celebration of the culture of Indie Comic Books as well as the ingenuity it takes to develop a Comic. It was an enriching experience, between meeting talented, emerging comic book artist and authors, to actively engaging in Q&A from the many different panels, I had a wonderful time. Within the next couple of days, i will be uploading some of the Comic Books and Illustration i received while i was there.

Injustice Demo Gameplay

I know, I know, I’m a little late with putting this up, but nevertheless, It still exciting to see. I can not wait for this game, even though the game is less than two weeks away, it still feels like forever. With the success of the revamp of Mortal Kombat, this game seems very promising. So will you be waiting on line beside me to get it? Or will you pass on it?