XV- Wichita (prod. Just Blaze)

This is the first track off the incredible mixtape ZERO HEROES from the incomparable musical artist XV. This mixtape should be an album i believe. The production is not only top notch, but its original and fresh. There are elements in the production that feature, songs from the 40s and even somehow a sample from the popular game Kingdom Hearts 2. XV’s lyrics are stellar and extremely clever. His main instrument of content is popular culture from the 90s and “nerd’ culture. If you think for a second that his lyricism is impaired by his subject matter, you are surely mistaken. XV can be considered sharper than you favorite artist in any music genre. Now keep in mind, this mixtape is approximately three years old, but it doesn’t dull its quality. Within the next few weeks i will upload some more of his work. So if you can, download this free mixtape on datpiff.com and don’t miss out.

Superfriends Rap

This is a post that i have been meaning to put up for quite sometime. This an amazing song from a collection of underground hip-hop artists that each rap in the persona of their favorite comic book character. It is a truly clever song, the all drop little hints of back story from the comic book characters origins and fictional biographies. Each individual artist is featured in this order:

Fresh Daily- SPIDER MAN
$trictly Busine$$ – WOLVERINE
6th Sense- THE THING
Homeboy Sandman- The SANDMAN
Von Pea- Plastic Man
8thW1- BEAST

The song is featured on the mixtape titled- Comic Books: Unlimited by artist-Print. He now goes under the alias of Chris Faust. I especially love his music not only because he is skillful in the art of Hip-Hop but he is very well versed in the comic book culture.

After hearing this track, I know you are going to need it so I’m including in the link below, thank me later.