XV – Everyday Life (prod. Awesome Sound)

Hello True Believers,
I’ve recently been very stressed, wondering which problems in my life i should tackle first. Between getting a new car, job and apartment, i have not only been lost but have felt very displaced about myself. Quite frankly, my fear has been trying to get the best of me lately. Luckily, one of my favorite artists-XV, linked a new song. It not only is uplifting, it reminded me that everyone experiences the same problems but in different venues. The key is to keep going and not let your fear take you over. And always keep in mind that all problems can not be solved in a day. So take one step at a time, with your head high.

Also P.S.- I’m not only sorry for not being around lately, but I’m sorry i haven’t elaborated on how truly awesome XV is, within the next couple of posts, i will do just that!

Download Link -www.hulkshare.com/7pxppb6c8pkw

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