{Music You Never Knew You Liked} Adventure Club Feat Yuna- GOLD (Minnesota Remix)

Wow is this song amazing. Not to be cheesy but this song, is it’s title, Gold.  Adventure Club usually makes incredible tracks that cannot be topped but somehow, someway, Minnesota did it. Just by slowing down the tempo and turning … Continue reading

{Must Listen} Pat Lok Feat Alo- Move Slow

This is a song that i have been listening to for quite some time, just haven’t gotten the opportunity to write about it. This is one of the more complicated Electro- Soul songs out right now. There is no percussion … Continue reading

{Music that you Never Knew You Liked} Ellie Goulding-Beating Heart (Vindata Remix)

Now i have been listening to this song for a couple of weeks now, and i think it is the definition of incredible. I have been listening to Ellie Goulding’s music for a long time and have an extensive collection … Continue reading

Song of the day- Charli XCX-Super Love

One of my favorite artists of the year, you may have heard her on the summer hit with Icona Pop- I Love it. I have been enamored with Charli for a while now, not only does the 21 year write her own music, her music takes all forms of genres. She flows over rock music, hip hop tracks, funky pop beats, Synthpop, and indietronica. Not to mention, she has a great voice. Hope this song adds to fun to your day.





Song of The Day-Monsieur Adi Feat A*M*E- What’s Going On ?!

Something for your afternoon commute that will keep you moving. Once again, i have supplied another track from French producer extraordinaire, Monsieur Adi. The song heavily incorporates strings, with striking electric guitar riffs to move the pace along. It quite mesmerizing. It also will guarantee to have you singing along in no time. Unlike most electronic produced features, A*M*E can really sing. The 18 year singer has a voice that engulfs a listener like velvet. She can control it within different ranges and doesn’t overwhelmed with Adi‘s production. I believe this song is one for the ipod, even if you may not think so, at least give it a listen.