Tegan and Sara – I Was A Fool (Monsieur Adi Remix)/ Katy Perry- Roar (Wiley Webb Remix)

My best friend and I, every week on Saturday evenings, present the new music we find every week. At first we would just admire each others music whenever we got into each others car. After years, it sort of morphed into a fun rivalry. This week, he took the cake with these finds. Tell me what do you think?


Playstation 4 Reveal


Playstation 4 Reveal

I have been waiting for this! i assume you have too. Today Sony announced that the PS4 will be upon us soon. Not too many details have been announced but that doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons to be excited! I posted a link to Ign.com to give a quick rundown of the information gathered so far. If i were you, i would start saving now because this Fall, the PS4 will be at a retailer near you.