#WhatUshouldBListening2 : 1am Night Edition

Hello all! This is officially my third mixtape. It was pretty sporadic, I just kept mixing songs that I thought would work together. There was no playlist of songs, no thoughtful process, I just went with my gut. I guess … Continue reading

Jessie Ware & Benzel- If you love me

Been trying to post this for days, This is a cover of the a hit 90s song performed by soul group BrownStone. Japanese producer Duo BenZel and British powerhouse singer Jessie Ware add a new age feel and electronic sound to a once extremely popular song. Produced by Kate Moross, the video takes place on a NYC subway and has some risque visuals. The song almost gives the video further depth, which in turn, makes the song more emotional. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do !