Tegan and Sara – I Was A Fool (Monsieur Adi Remix)/ Katy Perry- Roar (Wiley Webb Remix)

My best friend and I, every week on Saturday evenings, present the new music we find every week. At first we would just admire each others music whenever we got into each others car. After years, it sort of morphed into a fun rivalry. This week, he took the cake with these finds. Tell me what do you think?

Little Dragon-Encore Sessions

Little Dragon is one of my favorite electronic soul bands out right now. Their recent song, “Sunshine” was produced in collaboration with Absolute Vodka. Although been around for over 5 years, the band gained a lot of buzz by doing work with heavy hitters in electro music such as the gorillaz, SBTRKT and even DJ Shadow in the recent years. There is a nice soothing sound to their music . The lead singer, Yukimi Nagano has a soulful but pop sounding voice. The songs that the band makes can be radio friendly yet still something that backpackers can deem a diamond in the rough.