Wallpaper of the Day- The Last of Us (Bad Ass Joel)

the last of us wallpaperThis wallpaper of the day is of Joel, in honor of today’s release of course.

Live Acting of The Last of Us?

So today the Last of Us Remastered comes out, and I couldn’t be more excited, especially after the stellar review by Colin Moriarty ( Which you can read here) on IGN. Within a few weeks i will be streaming the game to show different it looks on PS4. For the release of the game this week, Naughty Dog invited voice actors Troy Baker (Joel), Ashely Johnson (Ellie), Merle Dandrige (Marlene), Hanna Hayes (Sarah) and Annie Wersching (Tess) to perform a live reading for select scenes of the game. Their performances were streamed via Twitch, and among them was a exclusive secret ending of the game. You can watch the whole performance down below, but to see the secret scene, jump head to 30:26 in the video. Let me know what you think.

The Last of Us Single Player DLC: Left Behind

IGN and Game Trailer’s game of the year – The Last of Us, is finally getting its well deserved DLC content. Left Behind will follow Ellie years before she meets Joel. Ellie will be in a quarantine boarding school with her mentor of sorts, a new character, Riley. If you recall within the game, Ellie refers to her once or twice.  From the information gathered so far from various sources, the DLC should be available for download on Valentine’s day and will be $14.99.