You haven’t had Christmas Stockings like these before!

These Christmas stockings are UNACCEPTABLE!


Looking for a Christmas stocking? Can’t find one that isn’t cheesy and generic? Well you’re in luck, I have just the thing to save you from settling, The Super Sock Shop!
The Super Sock Shop is an online store that specializes in creating customized stockings and accessories based on comic book characters, manga and pop culture figures. Their items are all handmade and exclusive.
There are items for sale like Wonder Woman’s boot or Captain America navy blue mesh outfit fashioned into a Christmas stocking, even lesser known characters such as D.C Comic’s Mister Miracle‘s face crafted into a stocking. Don’t be fooled, this store doesn’t just have Christmas themed items, there are many things to choose from.
For example there is a hat-mask made in the likeness of Adventure Time’s Lemongrab’s face, Ramona Flowers’s infinite handbag and even bacon themed leggings are available. Each one of the items go for a reasonable price, especially since they are handmade and can be delivered to you just in time for the holidays. Check out the website here.








Alex Ross Wonder Woman


The famous Alex Ross creates a wonderful interpretation of the Princess of Themyscria on this wallpaper of the day. Alex Ross has a very interesting process in creating his art, for one, he is more of a painter than a cartoonist and uses human models for his work. Ross has a tendency to depictions of fictional characters with qualities of a real person. He often paints characters with wrinkles and flab, as if the characters could age. His art is oil based, so it has a certain shimmering quality. His process is amazing, check it out his work on Mortal Kombat vs. DC below.