Gotham Series Casting

Fox’s new series Gotham will be based off of yes, Batman’s home city, this telling will not feature Batman as the main character but a young James Gordon. Obviously this series will be based off Frank Miller’s epic Batman: Year One story. The show’s producers have stated Bruce Wayne will be in the series as a young boy (around 12). Now if he will be in the series as a main character is still unknown, but it will touch upon the death of his parents and the series will end with Bruce Wayne eventually donning the cape and cowl. What I think would be interesting is if we get a chance to see more about his parents and not just their untimely demise. Thomas and Martha Wayne were integral to the evolution of Gotham City, the last bit of hope remaining in the city was because of their efforts. I truly hope that gets explored.

Here’s your new casting for Fox’s new show Gotham thus far.


Ben Mckenzie is Lieutenant James Gordon his work includes voice over work as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the animated DC Movie Batman: Year One (Which was amazing), Southland and the early 2000 show The O.C.


Erin Richards will be Barbara Kean (Gordon), she has been on shows such as Sc-Fi’s Merlin and Being Human.


Sean Perwtee is Alfred, his credits include acting in Elementary and Doctor Who.


Zabryna Guevara will be Captain Essen, the chick that Gordon eventually cheats with. Guevara’s acting chops include Burn Notice and CSI.


Robin Lord Taylor will first official villain casted as the Penguin. You may remember Taylor from an episode of The Walking Dead titled Indifference as Sam, and in the movie Accepted.

Producers have also stated that we will get a chance to see the likes of The Riddler, Catwoman and even The Joker. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer‘s Danny Cannon is set to direct pilot. No word on when we will get to see it, but what do you think of the casting so far? Do you think it will work or just another failed project like the Wonder Woman show?

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