Original vs. Remix / {Music you never knew you liked} -CHVRCHS The Mother We Share

Once again, this is one of those remixes that I have listening to for quite some time but just haven’t gotten the opportunity to rave about it. So yesterday I spoke about my man PatLok , today I want to mention another fantastic underground producer that goes by the name MoonBoots. MoonBoots has been a favorite of mine for some time, clearly since I’ve posted about him before. He makes productions that are mentally and usually, aesthetically pleasing. The songs that he remixes aren’t just reworked, they are reinvented.

MoonBoots’s incorporation of pianos, light chords and arranged bass work together in absolute harmony. It makes you feel cool, calm and collected. Every one of his songs has made me long for a three day summer weekend and a warm day at the beach. The remix for CHVCHES’s The Mother We Share is no different. Now the original is incredible, I love it, if I had to explain it, I’d say it sounds like a song used in the credits for an early 90’s movie. Almost like a listener today watching said movie would become confused if the song were from the 80’s or 90s. But that’s the charm of it. Listen below and let me know which you like better.


2 Replies to “Original vs. Remix / {Music you never knew you liked} -CHVRCHS The Mother We Share”

  1. Both are great, but Moon Boots does it again. Without a doubt his remix to this song is incredible, easily his best remix to date. One thing that I admire about Moon Boots, is his inclination to make any song sound original. One of my favorite parts of this song is the intro, he slowly introduces elements and sounds layered with a simple kick drum while keeping your ears wanting more. He builds up then drops the baseline. Genius. He has his own sound, one that is mostly identifiable i’d describe as “spacey” or “cosmic” hence the name “Moon” boots.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, this is his best remix to date. It’s truly incredible. He is one of the few underground electronic producers that is consistent. His name does match his style of music. That was a great point of view you provided. Thank you. Hope to hear more of what you have to say about music.

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